Webinar: Introducing TalentWorks

See Project Director Josh Christianson and Lead Strategic Consultant Joiwind Ronen demonstrate TalentWorks, PEAT's free online tool for employers and human resources professionals that helps them ensure their online job applications and other eRecruiting technologies are accessible to job seekers with disabilities. In a recent national survey of people with disabilities conducted by PEAT, 46% of respondents rated their last experience applying for a job online as "difficult to impossible." This research—and conversations with numerous stakeholders—prompted PEAT to develop TalentWorks, which provides general background on accessibility and eRecruiting, as well as practical videos and tip sheets on making online job applications, digital interviews, pre-employment tests, and resume upload programs accessible.

Attendees will:

  • Learn why employers and HR professionals should care about the accessibility of their eRecruiting tools.
  • Enjoy a guided virtual tour of TalentWorks and an interactive Q&A session.
  • Learn tips for developing and procuring accessible online job applications, digital interviews, pre-employment tests, and resume upload programs.

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Josh Christianson photoJosh Christianson is PEAT's Project Director, overseeing its day-to-day activities and strategic initiatives. Prior to his role with PEAT, Josh worked at Deloitte Consulting, leading change management, technology and human capital initiatives at the Department of Health & Human Services as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs. While at Deloitte, Josh was a lead author of the report "Opening the Federal Talent Economy." Prior to Deloitte, Josh served as Career Program Manager for the Posse Foundation, a college access program focused on diversity and inclusion.


Joiwind Ronen photoJoiwind Ronen is the Lead Strategic Consultant to PEAT, working with public, private and nonprofit partners to leverage accessible technology to increase the employment of people with disabilities. She is the President of Ethos Strategic Consulting, which supports government agencies in effectively reaching their mission goals. Joiwind has worked with the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) on technology-related initiatives since 2011, and previously served as Executive Director of the American Council for Technology and its Industry Advisory Council, the premiere technology organizations facilitating communication and collaboration between the IT industry and government.