This forum of technology leaders, advocacy groups, and government entities meets regularly to discuss issues, potential collaborations, and solutions surrounding the topic of accessible workplace technology.

The PEAT Think Tank provides a tangible space for diverse entities, both public and private, to collaborate in identifying problems and potential solutions related to ensuring people with disabilities can use new and existing technologies. These thought leaders provide essential feedback and direction to keep PEAT’s work relevant and cutting edge. The participants have lauded the uniqueness of the space, which brings together many disparate entities to meet outside of their normally siloed spheres.

Members have included:

  • Representatives from leading Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook, Apple, Oracle, Intuit, Amazon, Cisco, IBM, Verizon, and Google, as well as a number of small and mid-tier companies;
  • Academic and nonprofit leaders from entities such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Coleman Institute on Cognitive Disabilities, and Georgia Institute of Technology’s Wireless RERC; and
  • State, local, and federal IT and policy leaders.

Meeting Proceedings and Reports

The Virtual Workplace: PEAT Priorities and Next Steps | October 2020

2019 PEAT Think Tank Summary Report: The Intersection of Emerging Technology and Inclusive Employment | May 2019

2017 PEAT Think Tank Meeting Proceedings Report | February 2018

Making it Happen: Increasing Awareness of Accessible Workplace Technology Online Dialogue (2016) | March 2017