Webinar: Building Pathways to Inclusive Apprenticeship on a National Scale

DOL’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) is currently finalizing the launch of a select number of apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship pilot program models across the country, with the aim of establishing pathways into existing apprenticeship programs for youth and adult job seekers with disabilities. This webinar will feature panelists from the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) and Social Policy Research Associates, who are providing technical assistance for this pilot project.

Paul Schroeder, Aira Director of Public Policy & Strategic Alliances, discusses how emerging technologies are shaping the landscape of employment for people with vision loss, and other disabilities.

This webinar is focused on strategies to improve coordination between the public workforce system and employers to help businesses overcome barriers to recruiting, hiring, and training individuals with disabilities.

In recent years Facebook has become a tool for professional networking and on-the-job workplace productivity through its enterprise collaboration software, Workplace. In this webinar, Director of Accessibility Jeff Wieland and Director of Policy Monica Desai discuss why and how Facebook has made accessibility a priority.​

Larry Goldberg of Oath and and Jeff Wieland of Facebook discuss how Teach Access is working with industry, academia, and advocacy groups to expand the quality and quantity of undergraduate programs that teach the fundamentals of accessibility.

Jessica Miller-Merrell is a technologist who focuses her efforts in human resources, healthcare, and the workplace. In this webinar, she discussed how recruiters and HR leaders can prioritize their digital recruiting options and move these efforts forward by developing smaller initiatives designed to drive change and establish buy-in.

Mark Penicook explores Capital One’s efforts to integrate accessibility awareness across their internal brand and to establish enterprise-wide accessibility standards and best practices.

Discover How to Buy Accessible IT

PEAT Deputy Project Director Corinne Weible will offer a sneak peek of Buy-IT!, a new online tool to help employers and their purchasing staff build accessibility and usability into their information and communication technology (

Accessibility experts Ted Gies and Jay Nemchik discussed the business significance of VPATs, and their best practices for handling requests.