Interested in a Career in Accessible Tech? Check Out Teach Access Study Away

This past summer, the inaugural Teach Access Study Away program brought together faculty, industry partners, and 26 students from four universities to explore the field of accessibility in Silicon Valley. The mission of Teach Access is to build a foundation of accessibility knowledge at the higher education level to ensure that current students gain the knowledge [...]

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Bobby Silverstein Explains the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

In this short video, Bobby Silverstein provides an overview of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Transcript:  Hi, my name is Bobby Silverstein. I'm the former Staff Director and Chief Counsel to the Senate sub-committee on disability when it was chaired by Senator Tom Harkin. During my tenure in the Senate, I had the incredible [...]

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Accessible Technology and the Employment Lifecycle

Have you considered whether the information technology (IT) in your workplace is accessible to all your current and future employees? From recruitment to retirement, technology plays a key role in each phase of an employee’s time with a company. That means it’s important to ensure that technologies in your workplace are accessible to everyone, including people [...]

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Transcript: Closing the Accessible Technology Skills Gap: Teach Access Study Away

Darren Burton, Accessibility Consultant: I teach a class for our new hires…and yeah they look at me like I’m from Mars, what are you talking about accessibility? Narrator: Darren Burton’s experience isn’t unique. According to the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology – PEAT – today’s students aren’t learning the skills they need to make technology usable [...]

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