The Accessible Workplace Technology Ecosystem

The Accessible Workplace Technology Ecosystem Check out the Accessible Workplace Technology Ecosystem below to explore the roles and responsibilities that different entities hold in the world of accessible workplace technology. We encourage you to use this graphic to help you think about relationships you can build across these various stakeholder groups to further your [...]

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Measuring and Evaluating Progress

Measuring and Evaluating Progress As you develop your accessibility efforts or launch a dedicated initiative, it's important to know—and be able to prove—that your activities are having a positive effect. The following resources can help you measure and evaluate your progress: Demonstrating Value: Strategies for Measuring Accessibility Progress Explore specific internal, external, and technology-related metrics you can [...]

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Podcast: Making the Virtual Workplace Accessible

Future of Work Podcast, Episode 26. Josh Christianson, Co-Director of PEAT, the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology, discusses how employers can make the virtual workplace accessible. This podcast is developed in partnership with as part of PEAT’s Future of Work series, which works to start conversations around how emerging workplace technology trends are impacting people with disabilities.​ […]

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Write It!

Write It! When writing an RFP for ICT products and services, be sure to make accessibility a front-and-center requirement. By weaving accessibility requirements throughout the RFP, you’ll demonstrate to the vendor that you take it seriously and are truly invested in providing accessible products/services to your users. And the first way to exhibit your commitment [...]

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Define Requirements

Define Requirements After reviewing the responses to your RFI (See: Issue RFIs and Meet with Vendors), you’ll be better prepared to define the accessibility requirements for your formal procurement solicitation. Resources Although this site is tied to the Section 508 standards, it includes several resources and best practices that can be broadly useful to all audiences at this [...]

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