Spotlighting Accessibility in the New NIST AI Risk Management Framework

Overview In January 2023, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published the highly anticipated Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0) and companion NIST AI RMF Playbook. Together, these resources establish voluntary national standards to address risks in the development and use of AI products and services. Some of these risks relate to the use [...]

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Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias

Graphic description A circular graphic that shows the Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias. The graphic is meant to help company leadership understand the most inclusive ways to procure and tailor AI recruiting and hiring systems to reduce potential bias. The center of the circle reads ‘Elements of Procuring & [...]

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Section 4: Learn How to Procure & Use Accessible XR Technologies in Your Workplace

Immersive Workplace Technologies Should Be Accessible When a new technology is developed, accessibility is often not considered until after it launches and is in use. XR technologies are no exception. Some XR technologies use hardware and software that may not be fully accessible for people with disabilities. If these inaccessible technologies are brought into your [...]

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Staffing for Equitable AI: Roles & Responsibilities

Start with a Model The Equitable AI Playbook encourages organizations to consider a hub-and-spoke model for their Equitable AI initiative. In a Hub-and-spoke model, a central group (“Hub”) is led by C-Level and establishes standards, processes, and policies.  “Spokes” are business unit or function teams that oversee execution of the policies and processes by implementation [...]

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Implementing AI-Enabled Assistant Tools to Make Workplaces More Inclusive

AI-enabled technologies are adding new ways to make a workplace more directly accessible to people with disabilities. The following tools are increasingly available as organization-wide subscriptions. They offer a wonderful opportunity to reduce the need for individual accommodation by making the workplace more directly accessible. It’s a best practice to offer such features to all [...]

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Play 5: Create a formal policy

In order to bring your Equitable AI vision to life and create an enforceable, internal mandate for change, your organization should create and publish a formal Equitable AI Policy.  The policy should be communicated internally, and organizations could consider publishing an appropriate version externally. The policy will provide a set of consistent rules or guidelines [...]

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