PEAT Talks: Why Jobseekers Need a Digital Brand

Today, eRecruiting dominates all aspects of hiring & recruiting, and a successful job search starts by investing in a digital brand. For students with disabilities in particular, strategically shaping an online persona can open many career doors. In this webinar, Intuit’s Ted Drake profiles how several people with disabilities leveraged social media to start successful careers.​ Today, eRecruiting dominates all [...]

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PEAT Talks: Neurodiversity & Workplace Technology

Shea Tanis, Associate Director of the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, led a discussion of why technology and information access is a critical right for everyone, and how technology solutions are changing employment opportunities for people with cognitive disabilities.  Shea Tanis, PhD is a long time PEAT contributor, PEAT Policy Think Tank member, and the Associate [...]

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PEAT Talks: Making Taleo Accessible

Taleo is the leading talent management system used by HR professionals worldwide. In this webinar, Senior Director of Oracle’s Accessibility Program Peter Wallack, Product Management Director of Taleo Development Ali Moosvi, and Accessibility Test Engineer Priyanka Jampana​ will discuss the challenges and successes that their team has experienced, as well as the accessibility features currently in production. Taleo is the leading talent management system [...]

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Implementing Accessible Workplace Tech: Creating Accessible Tables for the Web

In order to ensure that your eRecruiting materials and other website content is accessible, it’s essential that your website include properly formatted tables. In this webinar, Gian Wild of Accessibility Oz provides a hands-on demonstration of coding and sequence requirements for both data tables and layout tables, and the easy way to determine the difference between table types​ […]

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