PEAT Talks Recap: Creative Recruiting Strategies for the Digital Age

Digital recruitment is key to an effective talent sourcing strategy that engages all potential candidates, including those with disabilities. But with so many platforms to choose from, where should businesses begin? In a recent PEAT Talk webinar titled, “Creative Recruiting Strategies for the Digital Age,” Jessica Miller-Merrell of Xceptional HR Consulting shared insights to help answer [...]

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PEAT Talks: Facebook and the Accessible Workplace

In recent years Facebook has become a tool for professional networking and on-the-job workplace productivity through its enterprise collaboration software, Workplace. In this webinar, Director of Accessibility Jeff Wieland and Director of Policy Monica Desai discuss why and how Facebook has made accessibility a priority.​ […]

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PEAT Talks: Creative Recruiting Strategies for the Digital Age

Jessica Miller-Merrell is a technologist who focuses her efforts in human resources, healthcare, and the workplace. In this webinar, she discussed how recruiters and HR leaders can prioritize their digital recruiting options and move these efforts forward by developing smaller initiatives designed to drive change and establish buy-in. […]

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PEAT Talks: Making Tech Fields Accessible

EvoXLabs founder Ather Sharif discusses his experiences in making tech-focused workplaces more inclusive, from building technology solutions to how and why EvoXLabs developed a partnership with AccessComputing at UW that connects students with disabilities with mentors and internships in tech. […]

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