Organizational Leaders at All Levels

Job Resources Organizational Leaders at All Levels Are you a leader who is looking for information on ways to make your organization accessible and inclusive? Below are a few of PEAT’s most popular resources that will help. Make Your Business Case Developing a clear business case that [...]

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Job Resources

Job Resources Which PEAT Resources Are Right for Your Job? Digital accessibility is important in every workplace. Click on your job title to see a tailored selection of relevant resources from PEAT. Remember that these are just some of the resources we recommend – there are many more throughout our site! If you [...]

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Staffing for Equitable AI: Roles & Responsibilities

Start with a Model The Equitable AI Playbook encourages organizations to consider a hub-and-spoke model for their Equitable AI initiative. In a Hub-and-spoke model, a central group (“Hub”) is led by C-Level and establishes standards, processes, and policies.  “Spokes” are business unit or function teams that oversee execution of the policies and processes by implementation [...]

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Developing Staff Trainings for Equitable AI

Staff training is an essential component of your Equitable AI professional development program. Like other elements of staff training on disability inclusion, putting these structures in place helps ensure all employees understand their organization’s vision, policies, initiative structure, and resources for implementing equitable AI. Developing a successful culture of inclusion requires that everyone an organization [...]

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Podcast: Creating Authentic & Inclusive Experiences for Your Workforce

Future of Work Podcast, Episode 19. In celebration of the ADA, Frances West joined PEAT to discuss how companies can use inclusion in their business to drive disruptive innovation. Frances formerly served as IBM’s first Chief Accessibility Officer and is the founder of FrancesWestCo. This podcast is developed in partnership with as part of PEAT’s Future of Work series, [...]

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