Podcast: Ethics, Equity, & Inclusion in Emerging Technologies

Noble Ackerson, Director of Product for AIML with Ventera Corporation and President of the CyberXR Coalition, discusses the need for diverse and inclusive extended reality (XR) and shares his perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) ethics. He also gives guidance on AI-enabled hiring tools and bias mitigation. […]

Extended Reality & Mental Health Support

Did you know that your employees may already use extended reality (XR) tools for mental health support? Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (collectively known as XR) tools have many applications. Popular examples range from gaming to helping medical professionals train for complex procedures. However, as more experiences are created for XR technologies, mental health assessment and [...]

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Section 4: Learn How to Procure & Use Accessible XR Technologies in Your Workplace

Immersive Workplace Technologies Should Be Accessible When a new technology is developed, accessibility is often not considered until after it launches and is in use. XR technologies are no exception. Some XR technologies use hardware and software that may not be fully accessible for people with disabilities. If these inaccessible technologies are brought into your [...]

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Section 2: Learn How XR Technologies Support Hybrid Workplaces

Immersive Technologies & Hybrid Work XR technologies have the potential to create a positive and immersive experience for all employees. In hybrid workplaces, remote employees use XR tools to virtually work alongside colleagues who are in an office, allowing for seamless collaboration. Many technologies that assist with training, virtual meetings and online events now incorporate [...]

Section 1: Learn the Basics

The Basics of XR Technologies What Are XR Technologies? Extended reality (XR) technologies include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). In this Toolkit, the terms XR technologies and immersive technologies mean the same thing. These technologies are part of a new kind of personal computing, where people experience and interact with [...]

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