Podcast: Captioning the XR-Infused Workplace

Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility and Inclusion for EMEA at Google, shares his perspectives on emerging issues in accessible technology. He delves into hot topics, including how to handle immersive captioning in virtual reality and the need to recognize that traditional accommodations may not be the optimum solution for hybrid workplaces. […]

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AI & Disability Inclusion Toolkit

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has advanced rapidly in recent years, moving from Research & Development (R&D) labs and startups into broader use. Organizations are using AI to screen job candidates, streamline the application process, monitor employee actions, and provide employee training. When not designed and implemented to consider diverse users, AI technologies can increase the risk of workplace discrimination, including for people with disabilities.

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A Future Where XR is Born Accessible

The Accessibility Playbook for Emerging Technology Initiatives In 2020, PEAT published the Accessibility Playbook for Emerging Technology Initiatives. The Playbook is a blueprint for anyone seeking to launch a successful initiative to drive the development of emerging technologies that are accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities. The recommendations in the Playbook are based [...]

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XR Access Forges Ahead

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies (collectively called XR) have advanced in the last decade, but some developers have overlooked accessibility in their designs. XR Association (XRA) worked with members of XR Access, including people with disabilities, to address this challenge. […]

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