The Accessible Technology Skills Gap

In December 2017 PEAT hosted an in-person meeting of our Think Tank to explore key issues related to accessible workplace technology in rich facilitated discussions and working groups throughout the day. The 63 participants represented the diverse perspectives of employers, technology developers, universities, and tech users with disabilities.

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Digital Accessibility

Accessibility means that everyone can use the exact same technology as anyone else—regardless of whether they can manipulate a mouse, how much vision they have, how many colors they can see, how much they can hear, or how they process information. Accessible technology adds layers into computer operating systems, mobile phones, and more to allow people with disabilities to access the same information as everyone else.

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The Future of Work

The Future of Work: Trends, Technology & Policy The world of work is changing. Increasing numbers of employees are working remotely, and they rely on multiple technologies to stay connected to their employers, clients, and collaborators. Workplace technology is also changing, with virtual meetings, artificial intelligence (AI) and [...]

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Digital Accessibility Toolkits

Digital Accessibility Toolkits Digital devices, platforms, and documents are increasingly becoming the primary methods used by individuals to execute work and engage in daily life. The following resources help equip employers with the information needed to ensure the digital workplace is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. [...]

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