Spotlight on Digital Equity

At PEAT, we are passionate about ensuring that workers across the country have access to the digital tools they need to succeed. Digital tools at work include everything from strong broadband connections to artificial intelligence (AI) that reduces bias in the hiring process. […]

Writing Accessible Emails

Email is a primary way of connecting with new and existing audiences, so you’ll want to ensure that the messages you send are accessible. Luckily, the process for making emails accessible for people with disabilities is similar to making any other document accessible. Text-only emails sent from a personal email client are simpler from an accessibility [...]

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7 Steps to Make Your Virtual Presentations Accessible

With the rapid rise of telework, the PEAT team recognizes it’s more important than ever to make sure virtual presentations are accessible. These efforts allow all participants, particularly people with disabilities, to effectively engage with presented content. Below, you’ll find seven essential steps and related resources to help you create accessible presentations. […]

Podcast: Data Visualization Accessibility for Employees, Teams, & Leaders

Future of Work Podcast, Episode 17. Doug Schepers of Fizz Studio discusses sonification and other innovative methods of making charts, graphs, and maps more interactive and accessible to all users, including people with disabilities. This podcast is developed in partnership with as part of PEAT’s Future of Work series, which works to start conversations around how emerging workplace technology trends [...]

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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development Hopefully it’s clear that your IT department should receive targeted training in web accessibility. If you are using a content management system (CMS), you’ll also want to consider the many different people who may be involved in uploading and editing your website content. While the average employee doesn’t need to [...]

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