At PEAT, we are passionate about ensuring that workers across the country have access to the digital tools they need to succeed. Digital tools at work include everything from strong broadband connections to artificial intelligence (AI) that reduces bias in the hiring process.

To illustrate this, members of the PEAT team shared why we feel digital equity is essential. Please read the quotes below to learn why we take a personal interest in this important topic.

  • “My team does more than dismantle barriers to digital equity. We put people first—recognizing & celebrating their intersectional diversity—to shape inclusive work experiences & spaces to thrive.” – Martina Fongyen, PEAT Engagement Lead.
  • “I leverage my lived experiences as a Gay man, a parent of children with disabilities, an ally and digital accessibility leader to help organizations improve their DEIA efforts. Digital equity at work enables all workers to pursue their passions and realize their potential.” – Bill Curtis-Davidson, PEAT Director.
  • “My team works remotely – and we collaborate seamlessly thanks to reliable internet connections. Broadband equity is important, and the past few years have really shown that.” – Liz Kagan, PEAT Team Member.
  • “My colleagues create accessible documents that work with my screen reader. This allows me to catch more errors and write more fluid content than I could even before my vision loss.” – Lex Huth, PEAT Director of Communications.

Our team is excited to help you on your journey to procuring and implementing accessible technology and creating an organization that prioritizes digital equity. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn about our work, upcoming presentations, and more.