Transcript: Sharron Rush on the Inaccessibility of Online Job Applications

PEAT asked Sharron Rush, Executive Director of Knowbility: “Given that many job applications are not accessible to people with disabilities, what’s your advice on how best to change this?”

Rush: The lack of accessibility of online job applications and online job processes is a tremendous challenge because of the fact that, it’s saying kind of like wheelchair ramps you can’t even get in the door to demonstrate that you would be a great employee. So it is it’s a huge challenge and I think the best way to change that is for employers to insist to their IT departments and and and vendors that they meet the requirements that are already on the books in the law.

I mean the Americans with Disabilities Act clearly says you can’t discriminate, so if an online job application is not accessible, it’s in violation of the law. We just have to raise awareness of the fact that employee prospective employees have rights, and employers have a responsibility in this. The technology is possible to change it just needs the will to do it.