Transcript: Sassy Outwater-Wright Discusses the Top Emerging Workplace Trends Impacting People with Disabilities

PEAT asked Sassy Outwater-Wright of Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired: What emerging workplace trends or technology do you think will have the biggest impact on people with disabilities in the next five years? What do you see as possible accessibility concerns or solutions related to these coming trends?

AI or artificial intelligence is becoming a buzz word. Companies like it because it make them look innovative but we don’t finish the process of AI. We put out a solution and then we just call it done and that’s not the case. AI is going to be the game changer for persons with disabilities. It is going to be the future of our employment and our success in employment. When you combine AI with human-centered assistance such as a product like Aira, you create monumental change and disruptive innovation and we need disruptive innovation, disruptive in a good way. So if we can finish the process of AI, not just announce that we came up with a product, but finish the process so that the product is fully functional and is actually assisting the person with a disability in a meaningful way and we can combine it with human assistance, you will have a game changer and something that will change the lives of pretty much every disabled person the way that technology has done in the past 20 years it will happen again.