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How to Bridge Different Access Needs

Meeting the access needs of your employees is key to building an inclusive workplace. But what should you do if different individuals with disabilities request accessibility practices that seem to conflict with one another? Addressing competing requests can be challenging because a perfect solution is not always clear. […]

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Podcast: How You Can Support Employees with Invisible Disabilities

Albert Kim, Accessibility Consultant, Trainer, and Founder of Accessibility Next Gen, discusses the challenges workers with invisible disabilities face and shares his own lived experience. He gives tips for employers who want to make sure their organizations are inviting and inclusive for people whether or not they wish to disclose their disability. […]

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Podcast: NDEAM & LGBTQ+ History Month – A Conversation on Intersectional Identities at Work

Bill Curtis-Davidson, PEAT’s Co-director, and Chris Wood, Executive Director and Co-Founder of LGBT Tech and Chair of the FCC Communications Equity and Diversity Council share personal experiences and insights to mark National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) and LGBTQ+ History Month. Bill and Chris talk about the importance of digital equity, share tips for LGBTQ+ leaders in the workplace, and more. Warning: This episode briefly mentions threats of [...]

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Acknowledgments The PEAT team would like to thank the following companies[2] for their contributions to this report: Mentra Our Ability Inclusively [2] Reference to the four companies and their insights is for informational purposes only to demonstrate best practices. Such reference should not be interpreted as official endorsement of those entities, their ideas, products, or services by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Get Started!

Get Started! To attract skilled workers with disabilities, you must understand how AI is used in your hiring tools and ensure that it is used responsibly to make employment decisions. Using AI responsibly can bring new and talented individuals, with and without disabilities, to your organization. Learn More AI & Disability Inclusion Toolkit; Talent Acquisition Examples (PEAT) Algorithmic Equity Toolkit (The [...]

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PEAT Talks to the Experts

PEAT Talks to the Experts We spoke with experts from four companies[1] (“Technology Innovators”) that focus on inclusive hiring to help put your organization on the fast track to using AI equitably. Each company is based in the United States and is led by people with disabilities. These innovators shared insights and best practices learned over years of working with AI hiring tools and job candidates from underrepresented groups. [...]

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Disability-Led Innovation

The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) created this resource to help you use artificial intelligence (AI) enabled hiring tools in inclusive ways. We spoke with experts from companies that focus on inclusive recruiting and are led by people with disabilities. Read on to learn how AI-enabled hiring tools can promote inclusion in your organization and help you recruit talented individuals from underrepresented groups.

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Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias

Graphic description A circular graphic that shows the Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias. The graphic is meant to help company leadership understand the most inclusive ways to procure and tailor AI recruiting and hiring systems to reduce potential bias. The center of the circle reads ‘Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias,’ with an icon of a cog and connected [...]

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