Policy and Workforce Development

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is double the rate of people without disabilities. Check out our latest research and resources to close that gap.

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How is the Department of Justice Addressing Website and ICT Accessibility?

Explore 175 settlement addressing how the ADA applies to digital accessibility. Through these agreements, employers and other covered entities can understand DOJ priorities and how to proactively comply with existing rules and guidance.

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Inclusive Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs are on the rise due to employer demand and proven results. PEAT is working with partners to build bridges between high growth industries and inclusive apprenticeships.

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Policy Matters

Find policy analysis and news regarding laws and regulations, court decisions, and government resources related to the accessibility of technology used in all aspects of employment.

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The Accessible Technology Skills Gap

Tech companies are struggling to fill job openings because not enough prospective employees have accessible technology skills—and their products are less accessible as a result.

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