Transcript: Mike Brogioli, Executive Director, RESNA

PEAT asked Mike Brogioli, Executive Director of RESNA: “In ten years, what ideas, initiatives, policies, or best practices will have hthe biggest possible impact on accessible technology and employment a people with disabilities?”

Brogioli: So, ten years, I would hope that we would be living in a world where universal design was the norm and where we’re not adding on solutions but they’re baked in, and where every student, every teacher, every service provider comes at these issues with a a fundamental sense of ‘everyone needs to be included’, so we create and use technologies that are accessible to everybody. So to me that goes right back to the whole principle and theory of universal design. Right, I think in ten years if we live in a world where universal design is accepted as the way to function in terms of education and how we design buildings, how we design technology, and how it gets used I think we’ll have made huge strides. So that’s kind of an attitude change, starts in schools and goes all the way through the life span.