Transcript: Matt Ater Makes the Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities

PEAT asked Matt Ater of The Paciello Group: If you were riding in an elevator with a Fortune 500 CEO, what’s your pitch for why hiring people with disabilities is important to their company?

>>So, a lot of it has to do with creating a total inclusive workforce. We have a very low number of people with disabilities in employment situations and a lot of it has to do with the fact that technology doesn’t necessarily, isn’t necessarily accessible, or it’s because people don’t know that people with disabilities can actually do a job. Once a person with a disability gets on a job, they tend to stay at that job. They like upward mobility, but at the same time they don’t go from employer to employer to employer. So you get somebody who cares. They’re interested in the employer, they want to be successful. They put everything into their job so the number one thing you get out of a person with disability is a dedicated employee.