Transcript: Matt Ater Discusses the Top Emerging Workplace Trends Impacting People with Disabilities

PEAT asked Matt Ater of The Paciello Group: What emerging workplace trends or technology do you think will have the biggest impact on people with disabilities in the next five years? What do you see as possible accessibility concerns or solutions related to these coming trends?

I think it’s the move towards the, even though we’re using the word “connected home” which will impact people who can work from home and they can drive solutions, you know, not drive physically, but drive solutions in terms of talking to, you know, things like an Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft equivalent, or a Siri and ask it to do things and perform tasks for them. A lot of times that will speed up processing. We’re also looking at big computing and things like Watson, the impacts of people in terms of gathering data. Someone who’s blind or visually impaired can’t skim text as fast as somebody who has vision. If we could ask the computer to actually get that data for us and bring it back to us, it’s much faster.