Transcript: Lori Golden Makes the Business Case for Implementing Accessible Technology

PEAT asked Lori Golden of EY: If you were riding in an elevator with a Fortune 500 CEO, what’s your pitch for why implementing accessible technology matters?

We spend, and I think all companies today, spend so much time, effort, and cost in securing the best talent, in equipping them to do their jobs, in creating an environment where we can do the best work. If we don’t go that extra mile, if there is a system or a tool or a resource that is not accessible to the talent that we’ve spent a fortune in acquiring and training and acculturating and we value so highly, then we’re not leveraging our investment in talent. We’re undercutting ourselves. So one way to look at the business case for accessibility is when you’re creating something to enable your operations, if not all your people can use it but only some of your people can use it effectively, are you getting full value from that tool and are you getting full value from your resource investment in your people?