Transcript: Katia Albanese on the Inaccessibility of Online Job Applications

PEAT asked Katia Albanese, Strategic Communications Consultant at Concepts Inc.: “Given that many job applications are not accessible to people with disabilities, what’s your advice on how best to change this?”

Albanese: Over the past year, PEAT has engaged in some research to find out how inaccessible online job applications or the online job process is, the technology involved in online job seeking. I think it’s very important that that information be shared. Those statistics, those numbers, the percentage of people that find that have issues with the accessibility of online applications — that information needs to be shared with the public in order for there to be an impact on the development of that technology. I don’t think technologists, I don’t think employers are aware of how many actual application are inaccessible or how many individuals are having issues with their job application process.