Transcript: Katia Albanese, Strategic Communications Consultant at Concepts, Inc

PEAT asked Katia Albanese, Strategic Communications Consultant at Concepts, Inc: “In ten years what ideas, initiatives, policies, or best practices will have had the biggest possible impact on accessible technology and the employment of people with disabilities?”

Albanese: In ten years I think the technology landscape going to change quite a bit and that’s something that we are experiencing in this today’s environmen.t I think we all expect change and I think the movement that is taking place is really the one of customized interfaces where it’s not a one solution for everyone, it’s more of a one solution that then you customize to use for yourself — it’s one solution that allows you to customize how you your experience for using that tool and that type of technology allows us to overcome a lot more barriers for individuals with disabilities. So I think that’s one of the changes that will see in ten years. I think in order to see that type of change, however, in this day we need to spark innovation and we need to create an environment where people are actively addressing those issues and coming together to tackle those barriers in order to spark that innovation.