Organizational Leaders at All Levels

Are you a leader who is looking for information on ways to make your organization accessible and inclusive? Below are a few of PEAT’s most popular resources that will help.

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Make Your Business Case

Developing a clear business case that outlines the benefits of accessibility in the context of organization-wide goals is key.

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Learn How to Communicate Your Commitment
Once your company commits to increasing the accessibility of its workplace technology, it is smart to communicate that commitment, both internally and externally.

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Host Accessible Virtual Meetings

Read this checklist to ensure your virtual meetings and presentations are inclusive. You will learn steps to take before, during and after the meeting to ensure it is accessible for your attendees.

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Learn How Challenging Disclosure Can Be
Listen to this podcast episode where Wesley Faulkner shares how being a person of color and having ADHD & dyslexia impacted disclosing his disability at work.