Gear with a pencil pointing to the center of it like a targetLearn More About Inclusive XR

The following resources will help you learn more about inclusive XR technologies and how you can use them in your workplace.

Human hand shaking hand of a hologram

The Accessibility Playbook for Emerging Technology Initiatives

A blueprint for anyone seeking to launch a successful initiative to drive the development of emerging technologies that are accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities.

woman with a virtual reality headset with her hand raised and a collage of digital imagery superimposed

Inclusive XR in the Workplace White Paper

Gain in-depth insight into ways accessible extended reality (XR) technologies can enhance organizations and promote inclusion.

Man and woman viewing digital city through a smartphone

Inclusive XR in the Workplace Brief

This brief overview is designed to help leadership understand the value of inclusive extended reality (XR) technologies in the workplace.