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Follow Best Practices

While emerging technologies like XR have unique sets of accessibility considerations, they also require you to follow basic accessibility best practices. For example, you must make sure that the content you create for XR is accessible and train staff members on accessible ways to use the technologies you procure. Below are a few basic accessibility best practices you should keep in mind when you use XR in your workplace.

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Accessible Digital Content

Whenever you make digital content, make sure it is accessible. While you may not design content such as documents or presentations for XR platforms, the content you create will likely be used on XR platforms at some point. Below are helpful tips and resources.

Conversation bubbles filled with digital circuits Accessible Digital Communications

Everyone should follow accessibility best practices when using communication tools and creating content. Below are helpful tips and resources.

  • Communications should be accessible whether they are synchronous or asynchronous.
    • Real-time digital communications such as real-time video, voice and text communications are synchronous.
    • Other digital communications such as email, social media and messaging are asynchronous.
  • Follow digital accessibility best practices when creating content such as emails and content shared through social networking tools.
  • Provide multiple communication modes for real-time immersive communication technologies and content such as video or avatar-based conferencing, voice chat or text chat. For example, an avatar with a voice chat system should include an option for real-time, two-way, text-based communication.

3 person icons surrounded by arrows pointing in a circular direction around the icons.Staff Training & Policies

Your organization should develop clear accessibility policies and have an accessibility program in place. All staff members should complete training on these policies and stay informed when there are updates. Below are helpful tips and resources.

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