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Immersive Workplace Technologies Should Be Accessible

When a new technology is developed, accessibility is often not considered until after it launches and is in use. XR technologies are no exception. Some XR technologies use hardware and software that may not be fully accessible for people with disabilities. If these inaccessible technologies are brought into your workplace, they may prevent employees from doing their jobs.

As XR technologies are used more frequently in hybrid workplaces, it is more important than ever to prioritize digital accessibility. Before you bring an XR technology into your workplace, make sure it is accessible first. This will help all your employees succeed at work.

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Digital Accessibility Best Practices Still Apply

XR technologies adhere to the same digital accessibility best practices as other technologies. Learn what these best practices are and how to follow them.

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Questions to Ask Hardware & Software Vendors

Learn what hardware, software and platform-specific questions you should ask vendors before you buy new XR technologies for your workplace.

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