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Inclusion Starts with You

There are many ways that you can boost inclusion in your workplace. From ensuring that the technologies you use are accessible to participating in community initiatives, you can make an impact. Below are ideas and resources to help you create and maintain an inclusive work environment.

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Commit to Inclusion

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Engage Employees with Disabilities

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Engage Procurement

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Participate in Community Initiatives

  • XR Access is a community-driven initiative that works to advance the accessibility of XR platforms, applications and content. XR Access offers a collection of resources, workstreams and a research network.
  • The annual XR Access Symposium is a key conference for gathering the latest news on accessible XR solutions. Other XR technology conferences are also beginning to focus more on inclusion and accessibility.
  • There are numerous digital accessibility and inclusion conferences that can help employers build their knowledge and network.

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Leverage Emerging Guidance

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