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Inclusion Advantages

Inclusive workplaces come with many benefits for employers and employees alike. Ensure that every part of your employment lifecycle is inclusive and revisit your recruiting, hiring and retention practices often to find areas for possible improvements. Below are just a few ways that creating an inclusive workplace can benefit your organization.

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Hiring Benefits

By hiring employees with disabilities, your organization may benefit in many measurable ways.

Reduced Legal Risks

legal scale and gearsU.S. policies require employers who offer telework options to ensure their telework tools are accessible. This includes any XR technologies used for conferencing, meetings, communication and collaboration.

Future-proofed Workplaces

arrow pointing upUsing accessible technologies will help your employees now and in the future. JAN found that 20% of workers will experience a disability lasting one or more years during their professional lives. These employees should not suddenly find the tools they need to complete their work difficult or impossible to use.

Without accessible technologies, employees may require costly adaptations to continue using the tools their jobs require. Organizations may need to quickly shift resources to make a technology accessible or implement processes that should have already been in place. Employers that use accessible technologies future-proof their workplaces and actively support employees throughout their careers.

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