With telework comes the importance of ensuring that your meeting platforms support full accessibility for people with disabilities. Luckily, the process for selecting an accessible meeting platform matches the process for choosing any other technology.

The key to success is to address accessibility requirements from the start. Incorporate accessibility into the procurement process, and then make sure to evaluate what technology providers promise and how they deliver.

Research the Options

First, evaluate the accessibility features of the meeting platforms you already use, and the technical specifications for accessibility that you want to meet. Start by reading “4 Elements of an Accessible Meeting Platform” to learn the essential features you should evaluate, and where to find accessibility reviews for some of the more common meeting platforms.

Any platform you are considering should provide a clear description of their accessibility features. The following websites describe accessibility features for several commonly used platforms for webinars, virtual conferences, and other collaborative activities:

Plan Your Procurement

Of course, you can’t always assume that a platform’s marketed accessibility features are sufficient to facilitate a fully inclusive virtual meeting. Consider how your organization can follow these important steps for procuring and using accessible meeting platforms: