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Learn all about digital accessibility, inclusive apprenticeships, workplace accommodations and more.

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Digital Accessibility Basics

Providing employers with tips to help them make digital content accessible, plan inclusive ERG events and more.

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology

Telework and Accessibility

Helping employers make their remote and hybrid workplaces accessible with resources that guide them through procuring workplace technologies and using them in inclusive ways.

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology

Model Solicitation Language

Providing sample solicitation language for employers to use when finalizing a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ). This is part of PEAT’s Buy IT! guide for purchasing accessible technology.

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology

The Benefits of Inclusion in All Workplaces

Sharing ways employers can benefit from creating inclusive workplaces.

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology

The Value of Inclusive Apprenticeship

Providing employers with guidance to help them calculate the ROI of inclusive apprenticeship, the steps employers can take to create a program, resources for making that program inclusive of people with disabilities, and information about how to fund a program.

Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship

Creating Virtual and Hybrid Apprenticeships

Sharing lessons learned from an apprenticeship intermediary’s shift from an in-person to a virtual model and providing a roadmap to help new and existing apprenticeship programs and intermediaries structure telework and hybrid learning environments.

Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship

Perspectives on Apprenticeship: What Employers Should Know About the Value of Inclusive Apprenticeship Programs

Helping employers better understand the benefits of inclusive apprenticeship programs and how collaborating with apprenticeship partners, disability advocates, and people with disabilities can help create more diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible apprenticeships.

Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship

Designing Inclusive Apprenticeships: A Guide for Recruiting & Training Apprentices with Disabilities

Sharing recommendations, resources, and accessibility considerations to effectively recruit, hire and support apprentices with disabilities.

Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship

EARN Accommodations

Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion’s (EARN) resource library for all employer needs for accommodations.

Employer Assistance and Resource Network

JAN Workplace Accommodation Toolkit
JAN’s free online workplace accommodation toolkit provides employers with the tools needed to create a more disability-inclusive and compliant workplace. JAN’s workplace accommodation toolkit contains sample policies and practices, templates and checklists, as well as emerging approaches that companies can try out and customize for their workplace needs.

Job Accommodatioin Network