Play 5: Craft Your Messages

To build momentum, you’ll be communicating about your initiative frequently—maybe even in your sleep. So, it only makes sense that you should craft a refined set of messages to keep on hand—messages that resonate with your stakeholders and inspire action. Outline a short internal communications plan that includes well-thought-out messages you can reference and infuse into emails, blogs, presentations, etc. This approach will ensure consistency in your communications and result in a clear understanding of your purpose throughout the lifecycle of your effort.

We recommend your communications plan include a Core Message (which you could also call your Mission Statement) and a Tagline. Your Core Message consists of one to two sentences that expand upon your Vision Statement and can be used as your five-second elevator pitch. Your Tagline is a more succinct sentence that captures the heart of what you do and acts as a slogan for your initiative.

XR Access

XR Access Tagline

A community committed to making virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR) accessible to people with disabilities.

Teach Access

Teach Access Tagline

“What we have are a few people who know a lot about Accessibility. What we need are a lot of people to know a little about it.” – Matt May, Adobe

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