Play 2: Set Guiding Principles

You’re working to assure the innovative technology you’re creating is accessible and inclusive of all potential users. It only makes sense that you should make every aspect of your initiative accessible and inclusive—from the people who lead the project, to how you communicate, to the platforms you use.

Larry GoldbergLarry Goldberg, Founding Member of XR Access and Teach Access, and Head of Accessibility, Verizon Media

Guiding principles drive the value system of your initiative and help direct your decision-making, ensuring you stay true to your vision. These principles represent basic truths that endure regardless of how your initiative can evolve over time. As you aim to develop accessible emerging technology, accessibility and inclusivity should be at the forefront of everything you do—from how you communicate to the resources you create.

XR Access Guiding Principles


As advocates for accessible emerging technology, we truly understand the importance of involving people with disabilities in our work—contributing their expertise and experience each step of the way; people with disabilities are members of XR Access at all levels of the community, including in our leadership team and as participants in XR Access working groups.

Accessible Communication

We aim to make our communications as accessible as possible and create a space in which everyone can participate in the Initiative; we take care in releasing information that is accessible to everyone and creating a space where participants are able to effectively contribute to and engage with our work and request additional accommodations as needed.

A Safe

We strive to create a safe and collaborative environment in which the voices of those involved in XR Access are respected, valued, and understood.

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