What’s to Come

In the Initiative’s second year, the leaders of XR Access, in collaboration with the XR Access community of volunteers, are embarking on their next phase of work.   

During its first year in operation, XR Access was a volunteer-led effort with nominal financial support for basic operations from its founding organizations, Cornell Tech and Verizon Media, and with strategic project management support from PEAT. Working group leaders, researchers, and other participants also volunteered their time to help execute XR Access activities for the year. 

In 2021, the Initiative will begin implementing a new strategy developed in collaboration with the XR Access community. The strategy is geared toward sustaining and expanding the impact of the Initiative. It sets the stage for formalizing how the Initiative is managed, implementing a new funding model, adjusting work streams into three focus areas, and building new partnerships with associations and technology companies. Learn more about XR Access’ new strategic approach. 

Stay connected with PEAT and XR Access to learn how the community grows into its vision for a world where XR platform technologies, applications, and content are born accessible. 

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