An infographic that shows a conceptual hub-and-spoke model for implementing Equitable AI in your organization.

At the center of the graphic is The Equitable AI Hub, which is surrounded by Advisors. Advisors include: the CEO, Board of Directors and Chief AI Ethics Officer.

A concentric circle surrounding the Advisors outlines Champions. Champions are influential leaders who promote the Equitable AI Initiative across your organization. These typically include Digital Accessibility, DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility), ERGs (Employee Resource Groups), Procurement, Legal, L&D (Learning & Development) and HR (Human Resources).

A concentric circle surrounding the Champions shows multiple Implementers. Implementers are people who are responsible for executing the initiative’s day-to-day processes and procedures. The Implementers plan, execute and monitor AI implementations at scale. Implementers include employees and internal staff, vendors and suppliers as well as consultants (for example, AI ethics, DEIA, Inclusive Design, Accessibility, etc.).

A concentric circle surrounding the Implementers shows multiple Impacted End Users. End Users are people who will use the AI implemented by your organization. It is important to gather input from End Users and consider their needs during the planning and implementation stages. End Users might include employees and internal staff, prospective employees, customers and business partners.

Equitable AI Hub & Spoke Model Infographic