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March eNews: updated DOJ accessibility settlements, Future of Work podcast launches, and more

December eNews: Are hiring algorithms fair, how to plan accessible ERG events, making XR accessible, and more

October eNews: Celebrating NDEAM, Making X-Reality Accessible, Excellence in Disability Inclusion Award Deadline, and more

August eNews: Making AI Inclusive for HR, Why Teach Accessibility, Data Visualization Accessibility, and more

June eNews: 2019 Think Tank Summary Report Released, New Future of Work Podcast Episodes, W4A Hackathon and Teach Access Study Away Recaps, and more

March eNews: New Federal IDEA Act Requirements, Accessibility Rising at CES, Autism @ Work Playbook, and more

December eNews: DOJ Update on Web Accessibility, Faculty Grants to Teach A11y, and New Tech Apprenticeship Pathways for PWD

August eNews: Mapping the accessible workplace technology ecosystem, the tech angle of autism-focused hiring initiatives, and more

June 2018 eNews: New data on the accessible technology skills gap, elevator pitches for accessible tech, and more

#ApprenticeshipWorks for Tech, new accessibility staff training resources for employers, Teach Access faculty grants announced, and more

PEAT Think Tank’s 2017 key recommendations, 10 tips for an accessible website, ability-based design, and the gig economy.

December eNews: New "Future of Work" podcast launches, Bobby Silverstein explains WIOA, "Why Accessible Technology Matters" primer, and more

October eNews: New Buy IT! purchasing guide for employers, inclusive design vs. compliance mindsets, VPATs, and more.

August 2017 eNews: New WIOA Resources from PEAT for American Job Centers, What’s Coming in WCAG 2.1, PDF Accessibility, and more 

June 2017 eNews: New WIOA resources, a model language template to use with vendors, reporting from the 2017 Web for All Acccessibility Hack, and upcoming sessions at the 2017 M-enabling Summit.

New PEAT policy resources, the employment angle of self-driving cars, and thoughts from IBM and Microsoft about the future of accessible tec

February 2017 eNews: what the Section 508 update means for you, how and why you should join the Deque aXe Hackathon at CSUN 2017, and why accessible videos are your friend.

This issue explores how the Dept. of Justice is addressing website and ICT accessibility, new resources from Gian Wild for implementing digital accessibility, and a dispatch from the HR Tech conference.

PEAT extends the online dialogue about increasing awareness of accessible workplace tech, Dep. Sec. of Labor Chris Lu discusses why an inclusive mindset is critical for building both productive workplaces and technology innovations, and the Perkins-Business Partnership announces a new online “Inclusive Talent Acquisition” course for HR professionals.

August 2016 eNews: DOJ extends open comment period on possible ADA revisions, PEAT announces a public online dialogue on increasing awareness of accessible workplace tech, and Eliza Greenwood reports on the value of hands-on training in digital accessibility for professional development.

The June 2016 edition of eNews highlights the DOJ open comment period on possible revisions to the ADA, the M-Enabling Summit, and resources on accessible eRecruiting through social media.

The April 2016 edition of eNews highlights PEAT's new TalentWorks eRecruiting tool, proposed updates to Section 501, and guest pieces from U.S. Dep. Sec. Chris Lu, Sassy Outwater and Gabrielle Nagle.

Read the February 2016 edition of eNews, PEAT's online newsletter. This issue highlights the upcoming CSUN conference, a guest piece from Daniel Ferro on accessible eRecruiting, and a recap of the recent PEAT Talk with Sina Bahram on universal design.

Read the December 2015 edition of eNews, PEAT's online newsletter. This issue highlights a blog post by Denis Boudreau, an interview with Shawn Henry and PEAT Project Director Josh Christianson's reflections from three recent conferences.

Read the October 2015 edition of eNews, PEAT's online newsletter. This issue discusses PEAT activities held in conjunction with National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), including a call for success stories involving accessible technology on the job, a Twitter Chat on October 28 to discuss accessible technologies in the workplace, and a blog post by Dana Marlowe inviting employers to "bring it on" by implementing BYOD polices.