eNews · March 2020

News Briefs

The WeCount project is collecting nominations for inclusion challenges in data systems affecting PWD, including employment barriers. WeCount is working to tackle these problems by creating innovative machine learning strategies and addressing data gaps.

Alexandra Reeve Givens explores the new technology challenges employers face in reaching a diverse talent pool, and she suggests core questions for working with vendors of algorithmic tools.

GovLoop contributor Devin Boyle discusses how XR technologies are entering the workplace, and their potential to create inclusive workplace environments.

Save the Date

WEBINAR Wednesday, March 18, 1:00 pm ET

Corinne Weible, PEAT and Tim Creagan, US Access Board will discuss accessibility standards and practical steps that federal agencies can use to ensure recruitment and outreach efforts are accessible for all job seekers with disabilities.

In Focus

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The PEAT team recently joined a U.S. Senate staff briefing to provide concrete ideas for how to improve the accessibility of their websites and digital tools for visitors and employees.

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Companies at CES 2020 reported they are striving to build technology that everyone will want to use through optimization and personalization.