eNews · December 2017

Save the Date

January 18, 2pm-3pm ET

Larry Goldberg and Jeff Wieland

Larry Goldberg of Oath and Jeff Wieland of Facebook will discuss how Teach Access is working with industry, academia, and advocacy groups to expand the quality and quantity of undergraduate programs that teach the fundamentals of accessibility

February 15, 2pm-3pm ET

Jeff Wieland and Monica Desai

In recent years Facebook has become a tool for professional networking and on-the-job workplace productivity through its enterprise collaboration software, Workplace. In this webinar, Director of Accessibility Jeff Wieland and Director of Policy Monica Desai will discuss why and how Facebook has made accessibility a priority.​

In Focus

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The yearly Coleman Institute Conference brings together influential leaders from around the globe to share insights and advance conversation around technology access and inclusion for people with cognitive disabilities.

Jessica Miller Merrell

Digital recruitment is key to an effective talent sourcing strategy that engages all potential candidates, including those with disabilities. But with so many platforms to choose from, where should businesses begin?