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Learn About the Inclusive Enterprise Metaverse

Bill Curtis-Davidson, Co-Director of PEAT, chaired an M-Enabling Summit session on Accessibility Policies & Practices for Inclusive Enterprise Metaverses. Watch the recording to hear perspectives from Monica Desai, Jacque Madison, and Jourdan Saunders.

Key moment: “When I look at the workforce, a lot of times companies are hiring and wanting to diversify and include, but there is a lot of different key barriers that are knocking people out before you even get to the actual interview.” - Jourdan Saunders

Watch the M-Enabling Summit Recording
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December's Question

If AI can increase the risk of bias in hiring processes, why are so many companies using it?

Answer: There’s no question that companies are looking to increase the efficiency of their recruiting and hiring processes, including using automated employment decision tools (AEDT) that are enabled by AI. While such tools can help employers analyze large volumes of candidate data, identifying and hiring top talent requires a nuanced understanding of whether an individual is the right fit for a position. This is especially true when hiring and retaining diverse candidates.

The risks related to disability bias in AEDT are made more complex because disabilities are highly diverse and virtually impossible to analyze at scale, the data available on employees is usually flawed, and AI takes shortcuts whenever possible. Therefore, employers should research any AEDT they plan to buy and implement. Check out our new report, Disability-Led Innovation: Artificial Intelligence & Automated Hiring Practices, to learn more about inclusive AI-enabled hiring tools.
In case you missed it, we launched a new column in August where our Emerging Technology Accessibility Consultant, Ashley Coffey, will answer your accessible emerging tech questions. Ask Ashley a question by emailing her at – your question just might get answered in our next newsletter.
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Hear About Invisible Disabilities & Inclusive Workplaces

Albert Kim, Accessibility Consultant, Trainer, and Founder of Accessibility Next Gen, discusses the challenges workers with invisible disabilities face and shares his own lived experience. He gives tips for employers who want to make sure their organizations are inviting and inclusive for people whether or not they wish to disclose their disability.

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SXSW March 2023

Stay tuned for details on how you can hear PEAT’s Co-Director, Bill Curtis-Davidson, on the SXSW panel, Watercooler to Headset? The Future of Workplaces.

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