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Learn how procurement teams can evaluate technologies to ensure the tools they acquire are inclusive.

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Buy IT! is an online resource that helps employers and their purchasing staff build accessibility and usability into their information and communication technology (ICT) procurement processes.

When a new technology is developed, accessibility is often not considered until after it launches and is in use. XR technologies are no exception.

The graphic is meant to help company leadership understand the most inclusive ways to procure and tailor AI recruiting and hiring systems to reduce potential bias.

Lainey Feingold, Disability Rights Attorney, shares how HR professionals can work toward real inclusion while involving people with disabilities in every step and avoiding quick-fix pitfalls.

Latest Resources

Ways to Boost Inclusion in Your Workplace

Inclusion Starts with You There are many ways that you can boost inclusion in your workplace. From ensuring that the technologies you use are accessible to participating in community initiatives, you can make an impact. Below are ideas and resources to help you create and maintain an inclusive [...]

Inclusive Workplace XR

This white paper gives an in-depth look at ways accessible extended reality (XR) technologies can enhance organizations and promote inclusion.

Inclusive XR Brief

This brief overview is designed to help leadership understand the value of inclusive extended reality (XR) technologies in the workplace.

Staffing for Equitable AI: Roles & Responsibilities

Start with a Model The Equitable AI Playbook encourages organizations to consider a hub-and-spoke model for their Equitable AI initiative. In a Hub-and-spoke model, a central group (“Hub”) is led by C-Level and establishes standards, processes, and policies.  “Spokes” are business unit or function teams that oversee execution [...]

Implementing AI-Enabled Assistant Tools to Make Workplaces More Inclusive

AI-enabled technologies are adding new ways to make a workplace more directly accessible to people with disabilities. The following tools are increasingly available as organization-wide subscriptions. They offer a wonderful opportunity to reduce the need for individual accommodation by making the workplace more directly accessible. It’s a best [...]

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