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Laws & Public Policy

Learn how the regulatory landscape influences and impacts accessible workplace technologies.

Featured Resources

This resource covers United States policies that apply to telework accessibility. In short, U.S. policies require most private and public employers who offer telework to ensure their telework tools are accessible.

This Toolkit article provides brief highlights from legislation governing nondiscrimination in employment, which could have implications for the use of AI hiring tools.

This article contains key areas summarized from the Department of Justice (DOJ) settlement agreements concerning the obligation of employers and other covered entities to make employment opportunities and related activities accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Concerns about workplace surveillance are rising across federal and state governments.

Latest Resources

Long COVID-19 and Workplace Accessibility

Employees with long COVID may be protected under the laws and regulations that govern disability in the workplace. The resources listed below detail the classifications behind disability status and long COVID. They also contain guidance for employers and employees who may be new to the accommodations process. […]

AI Hiring Tools and the Law

The development of AI technologies is outpacing the evolution of regulations and standards that directly enforce the use of AI hiring tools. However, employers should proactively consider legal and equity concerns related to AI hiring tools before implementing these technologies in their organizations. Acting in accordance with existing [...]

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