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Extended Reality (XR)

Learn how extended reality (XR) tools, which include virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, can be used to create inclusive immersive workplaces.

Featured Resources

PEAT created this Toolkit to help employers understand the value of using accessible XR technologies in hybrid work environments.

How accessible immersive technologies can help employers upskill and enable an increasingly diverse workforce.

Organizations that prioritize accessibility in the XR technologies they adopt can gain a competitive edge in a tight labor market.

Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility and Inclusion for EMEA at Google, shares his perspectives on emerging issues in accessible technology.

Latest Resources

Podcast: Ethics, Equity, & Inclusion in Emerging Technologies

Noble Ackerson, Director of Product for AIML with Ventera Corporation and President of the CyberXR Coalition, discusses the need for diverse and inclusive extended reality (XR) and shares his perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) ethics. He also gives guidance on AI-enabled hiring tools and bias mitigation. […]

How the Design of Immersive Environments Impacts Inclusion

Work environments are becoming more immersive by using extended reality (XR) technologies. XR technologies include virtual, augmented and mixed reality, all of which provide new ways for people to meet, connect and work in different environments. […]

Augment Employee Learning with XR

Extended reality (XR) technologies can help employees customize their job training and retain more of what they learn.  […]

Extended Reality & Mental Health Support

Did you know that your employees may already use extended reality (XR) tools for mental health support? Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (collectively known as XR) tools have many applications. Popular examples range from gaming to helping medical professionals train for complex procedures. However, as more experiences are created [...]

Check Out PEAT’s axe-con & CSUN Slides

The PEAT team presented at some exciting events during the month of March. If you attended and want a refresher or could not make it and would like to read what we shared, the slides are linked below. […]

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