Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias Infographic

Graphic description

A circular graphic that shows the Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias. The graphic is meant to help company leadership understand the most inclusive ways to procure and tailor AI recruiting and hiring systems to reduce potential bias.

The center of the circle reads ‘Elements of Procuring & Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias,’ with an icon of a cog and connected data points.

A concentric circle surrounding the center is broken into five wedges that highlight ways to reduce bias. Each wedge about reducing bias connects to a final surrounding circle of wedges with more details about each specific bias area. The five wedges and their connected details include:

  1. Ask Before You Buy with an icon of a shopping cart with a question mark. Before you buy, you should require vendor transparency, ask about data refinement, and fine-tune algorithms.
  2. Always Include Humans with an icon of two people surrounded by circular arrows. To make sure you include humans, you should use a human-first approach, refine data, and review data often.
  3. Be Transparent with Stakeholders with an icon of a magnifying glass. To be transparent with stakeholders, you should share how AI impacts decisions and notify candidates of AI’s use.
  4. Focus on Accessibility with an icon of a document surrounded by arrows. To ensure focus on accessibility, you should build with diversity in mind, remove technology barriers, and offer users data privacy and security options.
  5. Address Systemic Barriers with an icon of barriers. To address systemic barriers, you should create equitable pathways to employment, remove chances for unconscious bias, and practice inclusive design principles.
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