Innovators with disabilities share how inclusive AI can help you improve business outcomes and attract highly qualified job candidates from underrepresented groups.

The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) created this resource to help you use artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled hiring tools in inclusive ways. We spoke with experts from companies led by people with disabilities that focus on inclusive recruiting. Read on to learn how AI-enabled hiring tools can promote inclusion in your organization and help you recruit talented individuals from underrepresented groups.

Elements of Procuring & Tailoring Al Systems to Reduce Bias


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Ask Before
You Buy

Transparency is key when your company procures any technology, but it is crucial for AI hiring tools.


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Always Include Humans

While AI-enabled tools are designed to simplify recruiting and hiring, they are not meant to replace humans.


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Be Transparent with Stakeholders

You should notify candidates when AI is used, describe how the system works, and tell them about known limitations.


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Focus on Accessibility

Every technology in your recruiting and hiring process should be accessible.


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Address Systemic Barriers

The innovators we spoke to strongly emphasized the importance of addressing systemic barriers within the recruitment and hiring processes.

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