Telework and Accessibility

Many employers and employees have shifted to telework. PEAT is here to help with the transition to ensure your digital communications and platforms are as accessible as possible for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Telework and Accessibility ToolkitThe recent shift to telework for a staggering number of government and private sector employees has caused a surge in the use of digital communications systems. Employers and employees are now relying heavily on digital technologies to conduct business, collaborate with colleagues, host virtual events, and recruit and hire employees.

With digital devices, platforms, and documents becoming the primary methods used by individuals to execute work and engage in daily life, it’s more important than ever to prioritize digital accessibility. Because technology changes rapidly, you’ll also want follow our explorations of how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and extended reality are impacting the future of work. 

We’ve created the following resources to help equip employers with the information needed to ensure that the virtual workplace is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Digital Communication IconAccessible Digital Communications

Creating Accessible Content

Hosting Meetings and Presentations

  • Once you’ve learned the process from the above articles, use this checklist to ensure that you take all necessary steps before, during, and after the meeting.

Staff Training & Policies

  • Many employees may find it easiest to use personal devices with the accessibility features they need while working remotely. Read the PEAT post, “Bring Your Own Device and Accessibility” to learn more about best practices for handing BYOD requests.

Resources IconResources for Employees with Disabilities

  • For some, conducting business from home may be a new adventure, while others are veterans of remote work. These “Tips for Being an Effective Teleworker” were designed with people with disabilities in mind, but provide information that can be useful to anyone who is transitioning to remote work.

Resources for Recruiting and Hiring Professionals

Communicate IconCommunicate Your Commitment

Once your company commits to increasing the accessibility of its workplace technology, it’s helpful to your organization and employees to strategically communicate that commitment, both internally and externally. Here’s how: