Infographic: The Accessibility of Online Job Applications

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PEAT surveyed people with disabilities nationwide who had recently applied for a job online. The results identified critical accessibility problems with typical eRecruiting practices—issues that may exclude 1 out of every 5 candidates from consideration.

Based on this research, PEAT built TalentWorks, a series of tools, resources, and leading practices to help employers leverage accessible technology to recruit and hire the best talent.

2015 eRecruiting and Accessible Technology Survey*

  • I am blind or visually impaired 10%
  • I am Deaf or hard of hearing 26%
  • I have physical and/or motor disabilities 21%
  • I have cognitive and/or intellectual disabilities 29%
  • Other 14%

*427 respondents

Top eRecruiting Accessibility Issues

  • Complex navigation
  • Timeout restrictions
  • Lack of video captioning
  • No alternative text for images
  • Poor screen contrast
  • Inaccessible form fields
  • Mouse-only input option

Job Applications

46% rated their last experience applying for a job online as “difficult to impossible”. Of those 9% were unable to complete the application and 24% required assistance.

Technical Assistance

Of those applicants using employer-provided “technical assistance”, 42% were able to complete the application and 58% were not able to complete the application.

Pre-Employment Testing

67% have been asked to complete pre-employment assessments or testing for a job opportunity.

Is eRecruiting optimized for all devices?

56% have searched for a job on a mobile device and/or tablet but only…

28% applied for a job this way

50% used social media to search for jobs

40% experienced accessibility or usability issues with social media

22% used social media like LinkedIn to apply for a job

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