Some know it as “pre-employment.” Others simply call it “recruiting and interviewing.” Whatever the label, we’re all referring to the first stage of the employment lifecycle. And that, of course, is the focus of this tool.

Most human resources (HR) practitioners cite five stages of this lifecycle—the continuum that defines an employee’s time with a particular company or organization. While their names can vary, the stages of the employment lifecycle typically include the following:

  • eRecruiting
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Work Immersion and Productivity
  • Retention and Career Advancement
  • Employment and Retirement

And where does technology fit into this continuum? Everywhere! Information and communications technology (ICT) touches all phases. So as an employer, it’s important to consider the various technologies used in your workplace and how they impact your workers at different stages of their career.

More often than not, eRecruiting leverages technology-based solutions to assist in the recruitment and hiring of job talent. Examples of eRecruiting technologies include:

  • Applicant-facing websites
  • Online job application systems
  • Pre-screening employment assessment tools
  • Recruitment portals and online job banks
  • Digital interviewing apps and technologies
  • Social media platforms used for recruitment

A full list of tools in the employment lifecycle are detailed in the following infographic:

Employment Lifecycle graphic. Click graphic for accessible version.

And that brings us back to TalentWorks and the reasoning behind it. The accessibility of eRecruiting technologies is paramount to ensuring your virtual doors are open to all job seekers—including qualified candidates with disabilities. And this tool will help you open those doors through effective accessibility practices. Watch this featured PEAT video to learn best practices for ensuring your company’s tools are accessible.

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