Measuring and Evaluating Progress

As you develop your accessibility efforts or launch a dedicated initiative, it’s important to know—and be able to prove—that your activities are having a positive effect. The following resources can help you measure and evaluate your progress:

Demonstrating Value: Strategies for Measuring Accessibility Progress

Explore specific internal, external, and technology-related metrics you can use to evaluate your initiative’s effectiveness.

Accessible Technology: Setting Goals and Monitoring Progress

Read where and how to establish metrics and timelines to help guide and measure your accessible technology efforts.

Plan Your Procurement Strategy

Many resources for developing your organization’s procurement policies for accessibility include metrics for evaluating success.


TechCheck is a powerful but simple benchmarking tool to help employers assess their technology accessibility practices and find tools to improve them.

Disability Inclusion Benchmarking Tools

The following tools can help your company assess its disability inclusion efforts as a whole—including your accessible technology initiatives.

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