Step 8: Reviewing & Learning

Step 8 in the Buy IT! process is to review and learn from your experiences, which can occur immediately after a particular ICT purchase, or at the beginning of a procurement planning endeavor.

The goal of this phase is to infuse an accessibility mindset into all procurements across your organization. Often, this means conducting an accessibility assessment of all the technology within your workplace, and looking for ways to share your newfound knowledge about accessible ICT procurements with colleagues and vendors.

The following PEAT resources can help:


Helps you assess and benchmark the accessibility of your workplace technologies and find tools to develop them further.


An online tool for employers and human resources professionals that helps them ensure their online job applications and other eRecruiting technologies are accessible to job seekers with disabilities.

Staff Training Resources

Find resources to get started with training staff across your organization in the accessibility skills relevant to their specific roles.

Tip: One of the easiest ways to define accessibility as an organizational priority is to establish an accessibility policy for your business. Learn more from the Web Accessibility Initiative’s guidance on Developing Organizational Policies on Web Accessibility.

Thank you for exploring Buy IT! and for your commitment to breaking down ICT-related accessibility barriers! We hope the tool has helped you discover a pathway to more accessible, usable ICT purchases in your organization and beyond.