Step 3: Issuing Your Solicitation

This section of Buy IT! offers helpful background on writing an effective solicitation that produces an accessible and usable version of the product you need.

With your vendor research complete, you should be well equipped to write and issue a procurement solicitation that clearly specifies your business requirements and accessibility expectations. This section of Buy IT! offers helpful background on writing effective solicitations, as well as sample language to incorporate into your Requests for Proposals.

Writing a solicitation from an accessibility mindset doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s most important to understand and clearly specify which accessibility requirements your desired product needs to meet (based on applicable laws and standards).

The following steps will help you write and issue a solicitation that produces an accessible and usable version of the product you need:

Part One: Determine Your Solicitation Type

Learn the differences between a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Quote (RFQ).

Part Two: Define Requirements

Define the accessibility requirements for your formal procurement solicitation.

Part Three: Write It!

By weaving accessibility requirements throughout the RFP, you’ll demonstrate to the vendor that you take it seriously and are truly invested in providing accessible products/services to your users.

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